So far I have done three well structured vocal lessons with Kamil and have been really satisfied with the pacing, content and learning of each lesson. Kamil is a very passionate vocal specialist who is very knowledgable about the mechanics of singing. This is brilliant because he will give you directed and individualized feedback on where your voice is and the steps to take it where you would like to go. He will provide specific exercises for improving certain areas of need after the lesson along with a comprehensive writeup of key work done throughout the class. In addition, he is a really warm, fun and caring person who will make you feel comfortable to sing and make mistakes in a safe environment. Already I have seen a big improvement in the way I sing. Thanks, Kamil!

Marcus (Australia) from

Kamil is a passionate and informative singing tutor that I have already learnt so much from in only a few lessons! Kamil's expertise has "unlocked" areas in my voice that I have struggled to find for a long time and tones of my voice that I never heard before! I have really enjoyed the lessons so far and have already become more confident as singer. I go away from each lesson having learnt something new to apply and practice. I can not recommend him highly enough!

Gina (Dubai) from

Honestly couldn't have asked for a better teacher, Kamil understands that everyone is an individual and everyone has their own set of abilities and not only does he try to better them, but also explores different methods to make you a well rounded singer\musician. Always responds fast and and very polite, very happy with the results so far. 5\5 definitely!'

Lucas (Manchester) from

I am a total beginner with singing, but I have noticed great improvements after just a few lessons.Kamil is great at helping to visualise techniques and pushes me every week to get the most out of my voice. I am now more confident with my singing and am excited to see where I can take my voice to in the future.
I would totally recommend Kamil as a teacher.

Liam from

It's very fun to learn with Kamil. He will point out areas were you need to improve with easy and practical exercises.

Cesar (Colombia) from