To ensure that our customers and our team members at The UK Voice Studio are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic we offer online singing tuition via platforms such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and Messenger. 

To deliver the best quality tuition we aim to schedule a short chat with each student prior to their first singing lesson to confirm that the quality of the Internet connection is stable and that The UK Voice Studio is able to deliver the best quality tuition we can. In case of the Internet failure before or during a session we do refund or reschedule lessons so that the service is still delivered to our customers. You can read about other customers' experience of online tuition at The UK Voice Studio at student testimonials. 

Head to FAQs to find out how to prepare for your online singing lesson, how to book and cancel a session and more.


Welcome to The UK Voice Studio! The UK VS was established to deliver the best quality of 1-2-1 singing lessons to you online. We are a growing community of professional singing teachers and performers. To read more about us click here. 

In The UK VS we want to prove you how simple and based on science singing technique can change your voice whether you are a professional or a beginner. We teach a range of musical styles (classical singing, pop, jazz, rock, MT) to beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Our teaching methods are based on the Accent Method, elements of the Estill Voice Training and the Alexander Technique. To read more about us click here.

We offer a one-off trial lesson, one-off singing lessons or discounted packages for those who know they need the motivation to keep going. For more click here

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Kamil is a passionate and informative singing tutor that I have already learnt so much from in only a few lessons! Kamil's expertise has "unlocked" areas in my voice that I have struggled to find for a long time and tones of my voice that I never heard before! I have really enjoyed the lessons so far and have already become more confident as singer. I go away from each lesson having learnt something new to apply and practice. I can not recommend him highly enough!


Honestly couldn't have asked for a better teacher, Kamil understands that everyone is an individual and everyone has their own set of abilities and not only does he try to better them, but also explores different methods to make you a well rounded singer\musician. Always responds fast and and very polite, very happy with the results so far. 5\5 definitely!'


I am a total beginner with singing, but I have noticed great improvements after just a few lessons.Kamil is great at helping to visualise techniques and pushes me every week to get the most out of my voice. I am now more confident with my singing and am excited to see where I can take my voice to in the future.I would totally recommend Kamil as a teacher.



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